Sponsor a Resident



Want to take your support of farmed animals and the residents at Triangle Chance for All to the next level? Become a Monthly Sponsor to help us provide for their ongoing food, medical costs, and enrichment. By donating monthly to sponsor a particular resident, you can feel good knowing that you have made it possible for TCA not only to care for him or her, but also to have additional resources to support other residents and new rescues.

Our resident sponsorship program does not have set minimum amounts–we appreciate and benefit from a regular monthly sponsorship donation of ANY amount! However, based upon our experience with feeding and providing medical care to our residents, we offer the following suggested donation amounts for monthly sponsorships:

  • Chickens: $25/month
  • Other birds: $15/month
  • Pigs: $10/month

Every resident at TCA is respected as an individual regardless of species, and we believe that providing recommendations for sponsorship donations should reflect the realities of caregiving for them, not how they are prioritized by society.

When you make this life-giving gift, you will receive an electronic sponsorship package with a color photo of your sponsored resident and a personal profile of them, as well as a sponsorship badge!

Sponsor a TCA Resident today!

1) Fill out the form below.

2) Set up a secure monthly recurring donation on PayPal.

Chickens (suggested) : $25.00 USD – monthly
Other birds (suggested) : $15.00 USD – monthly
Pigs (suggested) : $10.00 USD – monthly
$5/month : $5.00 USD – monthly
$20/month : $20.00 USD – monthl
$35/month : $35.00 USD – monthly
$50/month : $50.00 USD – monthly

Put your compassion into action, monthly, by sponsoring TCA residents so that we may give them the happy, healthy life they deserve.



  1. Can Kelly and I come over this Friday? I forgot to fill in “the box” when I made my monthly donation.
    Thank you,

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